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Oh god…

I wasn’t sure if I should even post this video, but I think you all deserve to see it. I had no idea how serious this was. If he found the RAT, he could probably find any of us. I’m going to get off the grid for a while. Watch your backs…


The RAT – what we know so far

I thought it would be helpful to recap what we know about eyes4u’s pet RAT, so I collected all of the relevant information into a single post. You’re welcome.

When we first met the RAT in this video he seems agitated about something that happened to his girlfriend (?) and starts an investigation online. The poor fool has no idea that we’ve all been watching him.

A few days later eyes4u uploaded a file that she stole from his computer showing how far he has come with his investigation. She hid it behind a puzzle wall and out of respect I won’t link directly to the file. Anyone who wants to get at the information can jump through her hoops at the link below

Original Post
Link to puzzle

We didn’t hear anything for a few days and then the following video showed up. To anyone who has read the stolen file, it’s apparent that this video is connected somehow.

Any ideas? What do you think is happening?

UPDATE: User Jane_Mary_Cry_One_Tear found a phone number in the boob video (647)496-3275. Calling it brings you to a creepy set of riddles. Post your progress in the comments. Good work, discussant!

UPDATE: eyes4u has posted another video of the RAT. She sent the him the breast augmentation clip and the phone number that you guys found in it. Check it out!


Do you like my new pet?

I’ve kept a lot of rodents in my time, but this little RAT seems especially interesting. What do you think he’s up to? Should I post more?