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  1. The same feather flock together =>

  2. Nice one, check out the splatter across the buttons at the end.

    ME2, I think you’re my favourite poster. Keep these coming.

  3. Btw, as far as body disposal goes in the south we feed bodies to the gators, an don’t feed the pigs a few days then throw em the bodies they eat EVERYTHIN even the bones 😉

    • Not a bad idea! Efffective and untraceable!

      • Not untraceable, the FBI can get DNA evidence off that. Gators leave bits that float places, too. If anything, think of this: You’re on fair sized boat at sea. The deck is covered in plastic wrap, and you have a wood chipper, exit facing the ocean. Body in the front, out the back to sea. Drop the heavy wood chipper into the ocean. You may have just created an undersea coral habitat! Remove one less karma than usual for getting away with murder.

        Crow Wings
    • Shut up RAT!

  4. That seems like it would be pretty effective

    • AI_Souls

      I want to know how he keeps getting all of this footage. Great stuff.

      • mind your own buisness….or u be next…..evil laugh

  5. Another nice, quick kill… Sometimes, it’s all you need. Besides, he should have minded his own damn business…

  6. People can be so obnoxious, especially when they let their curiosity run wild. This is a well deserved kill to be sure. Potentially public scenarios like this are the only time I can endorse quick and brutal kills.

    • the best way…..shoot em in the back of the head..

  7. this shit is real? and if yes how the fuck u get that?

    • Don’t ask too many questions, we’ve seen how these videos end.

  8. hello

  9. The build up at the end was unreal I thought he was going to show his face and BAM over just like that.

  10. Am free person

  11. Interesting

  12. half-dead and bleeding are my 1st priorties

  13. This is hot 😉

  14. This is awesome, I love the straight shot to the throat! Love to see more!

  15. Damn been a while since I’ve seen a good murder, good clean cut to the neck :)

    Lucid Lime
    • I wish I had time to color the walls red too!:(

  16. Now where did this beautiful body go too?

  17. I need to know how you’re getting the security footage. .. For reasons.

  18. Bricktop says feed bodies to pigs….

  19. Someone was having a shitty day.

  20. that girl’s hot.

    Big Hair
  21. Love this…damn

  22. I could think of a few people I wouldn’t mind giving that treatment.

    Nine Angles
  23. Wee done. Quick and to the point.

  24. I like it!

  25. This stuff is great!!!

  26. df plz

  27. An elevator might seem risky, but in a way its a great place to murder someone. First of all you have them in a confined space so escape is impossible. Secondly, if its done late at night you can easily take the elevator down to a basement area and lock it in place. That means you can have all the cleaning materials you need ready, as well as a means of disposing of the body, and lots of time to get everything tidied up. Only thing I would have done differently is putting up some of those cab pads they use when people are moving – that would make cleanup much faster. Oh, another bonus is getting strong fingerprint or DNA evidence is impossible because so many people use the lift each day. Good work ME2.

    Clockwork Cupcake
  28. Great kill

  29. Should have made it last longer. It’s always fun to play with your food. Should have gone for his legs and let him crawl out. He calls someone else, maybe security, come out to kill the security guard and kill him after. Double the risk. Double the fun

  30. Just a idea but for you next kill stab them in their stomach and pull some of their organs out and lay them out in a pattern anyhow nice kill

  31. lol

    Psycho Suzie
  32. Nice and bloody..

    Maiden No Mercy
  33. Is this a real murder?

  34. Lol

  35. man
    so gory

  36. please teach me how to hack wifi. im newbie in here. please

    • im new too. have you seen the show, its filmed in toronto and thats where i live LOL

  37. nice, straight to the point

  38. What one of you can kill me

  39. My name is Bast because she is the war Goddess of the Lower Niles, she protected the Pharaoh and his warriors during battle. As the cat Goddess she is also very protective of the young.

  40. am da eye king :0


  42. I just found this site and all the video is private I have a thing I guess you could say for this so anyone who wants to show their workings I would love to see maybe I will show you mine someday

  43. how do i watch these videos? the comments have me curious…

  44. whoimi4

    who im i

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