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  1. Being a store clerk after dark is a dangerous job. Just the way it goes sometimes. Although, I’d really like to see the aftermath of that one…

    • Curious Red

      Sometimes it’s nice to have things left to the imagination, don’t you think?

      Curious Red
  2. Oh with a bat this time? Well I must give you props for spontaneity and mixing it up.
    I was just oh so hoping you were a someone who appreciates a good blade for cutting into hearts.

    But we must all change to survive, adapt and evolve.

  3. I would of just took a swing at him, instead of poking him with the bat the whole time.

    Princess Lilin
    • Curious Red

      Most people don’t think like we do. That’s why they end up dead and we don’t.

      Curious Red
  4. HAHAHAHAHA I always enjoy when the clerks try to defend themselves. It makes the kill that much more exciting.

    • KuddleKatKillah

      I should try a bat, looks like it could be fun.

  5. I’m surprised you had so much self control with all of that poking and prodding. On a side note, anyone else curious if the numbers being posted by ME2 could have anything to do with the number assignments given by the call sent out recently? Number four better keep their wits about them.

  6. I’d kill a bitch to if they kept poking at me…

  7. do people really belive this crap ??

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