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  1. Here comes the bride, all dress in —–SPLAT!!!!!!!!

  2. So that’s what this guy is doing…

  3. Dun dun da duuunnn dun dun da duuuuu-BANG!

    • AI_Souls

      She left a great stain.

      • And who is the lucky bastard that gets to keep the expensive tiara,dress and the Diamond ring?

      • You’re lucky you didn’t have to clean it, buster!

  4. Looks like she took “till death do us part” a little too seriously.

  5. Makes me think of the Alice Cooper song “Roses on White Lace”

    • KuddleKatKillah

      Raise your fist and yell, brother.

    • Blood drops look like roses on white lace
      They won’t wash away.

  6. “suicide”.

    • AI_Souls

      That was the ‘official’ word on this one. Do you think she was pushed?

      • only fools are being pushed

      • That would be something! But if she was pushed, what motive did the pusher have?

      • So romantic. So much blood. Keep up the good work Al_Souls. You clearly blend in well with the pigs. You are transparent, and invincible. A true master of disguise.

      • Her ex-fiance may try to play the hero card if he sees this. Keep a watch on him. You don’t want him to think this was more than a suicide.

      • She was pushed! How do I know this? Because I pushed her.

      • I highly doubt this women simply jumped. Seems a bit too over the top to put on her wedding dress for a simple suicide like this. People with this state of mind don’t feel like putting effort into what they do. This has the scent of murder. Not to mention the way she landed on the pavement.

      • Nah. The heart outline, the wedding dress, the letter left to the husband… either her killer knew WAY too much about her life to be practical, or she decided to go out with the BIGGEST “fuck you” to her cheating husband ever. No disrespect to the dead, but commendable effort on her part. Pity she succeeded, if she’d turned that rage outwards she would have made a FANTASTIC serial killer.

    • Lol

      Rosie cheeks
  7. Bombing for apples

  8. This is not real!Its a scene made for photos,nothing else,i know what look likes something like this for real,nice try…

    • I hate to agree with you, but something about it just looks too cheesy. Too bad.

  9. Such beauty wasted on the sidewalk. No pictures of her face either. I would have liked to see the lifeless gaze in her eyes.

    • Even though your name contradicts mine I would like to say your right the last thing he should have seen was the blank stare into her fractures soul and never once had thought about tat other bitch again

  10. It seems that when she said “til death do us part” she was really setting a goal. Lmao.

    Diabolical Killer
  11. Brain stew for dinner anyone?

    Queen Molotov
    • Ill take a big bowl but hold the skull fragments.

  12. All of this is fake. So making posting “its fake” on all of the threads is stupid. Just saying

  13. more of a prom queen than a bride, a veil would have been perfect… but maybe prom queen is what she was going for.

    frozen but warm
  14. I’d still take her to prom.

    Flavored Ink
  15. Quite the hot mess, if I do say so myself.

  16. Is this website fake?

  17. She must have had a splitting headache. Poor thing, maybe a Tylenol or two.

  18. How’d you get such nice crime photos? Work for the force, or?

    • This is nothing, I was able to get a coroners report, EASY. Just call the guys up.

      • What do I say if I call? Thanks for the heads up, I had no clue. How convenient!

        • Just request a coroners report, but you have to call the medical examiner that did the autopsy in the same state of death.

  19. Blood splatters nice on this one, good work…

  20. Am I the only one who noticed that her ring is gone?

  21. I’ve been thinking of killing my husband. Should he take a tumble as well?

    • Set up a nice night with dinner including wine laced with scopolomine and then prepare a nice warm alkaline bath for him and enjoy

      Elohssa Nami
      • There are many alkali that don’t have a high enough PH level to do any damage, to say “fill a tub with alkaline” could mean any number of things. However, it sounds as though you are referencing caustic alkali, in which case I would recommend sodium hydroxide and any preparation containing free or chemically unneutralized sodium hydroxide (NaOH), including lye (caustic soda) in high concentration. Personally, on the other hand, I suggest hydrochloric acid (HCL) or sulfuric acid (H2SO4), but be careful where you place it.

        • Thanks for your help. The HCL worked nicely. Had to gag him because he wouldn’t stop screaming.

        • You don’t want hcl. You want to think about hfl because then you can use a catalyst like sodium hydroflouride, you know, in case of any unwanted visitor’s showing up. Make sure it all goes into a polyethelane tub. Get your girl on top of that shit so you can watch him dissolve to nothing. Just don’t fall in…

        • Pffft, acids won’t do shit to bones, you want a good strong base. Lye or even concentrated bleach will do the job much better and with less fumes.

  22. Her body seems to have remained more intact than her brains… Wonder if the mortician had some fun with that? 😉

  23. What flavour do you think that is?

  24. She looks like an angel.

  25. She did this very creatively. I admire her devotion. =)

  26. I love the character she brings to the jump using the fact that he’s cheating to lure him into a trap but it wasn’t her fault that he was scum she should have torched him for years and pulled out his heart the way he metaphorically did hers

    • I’ve finally found you my kitten. Take my hand into this beautifully tragic world.

  27. Her repel line broke. It was a surprise gone wrong. They actually had an open marriage which makes the accident especially tragic.

  28. The shadows don’t even match up. According to the bride’s shadow the sun is in the west, but the crime scene number shows that the sun is south east.

  29. Does no one watch the show darknet?

  30. I wonder what was the last thing to go through her heard…other than the pavement.

  31. WTF…

  32. till DEATH do us part!

  33. It’s not good

  34. Nice fake.

  35. Wow

  36. its deth body

  37. Dayummnn

  38. It’s lock like a becsball bat nice

  39. I wish there was more to see…. I am brand-spanking new here, but can’t seem to figure out how the hell to get permission to any of the videos. Can somebody enlighten me as to how to gain access to other videos???? I need this!!!!! You can even me how to & I’d be very thankful!!!

  40. what is this ?

    what is my name
  41. nice

  42. Nice

  43. Isn’t this off the show?

  44. j

  45. what is that? brain? or something??

  46. wtf

  47. hhh its HOAX ,

  48. terrible

  49. it is good

  50. Lol anyone ever thought of eating those brains? Lol


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