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Do you like my new pet?

I’ve kept a lot of rodents in my time, but this little RAT seems especially interesting. What do you think he’s up to? Should I post more?


  1. Looks like his computer had the same fate as headphone girl in episode 1, hacked!

    • True

    • You have acquired many pets it seems tell me dear how have you come to get these RATS?

  2. It appears he doesn’t realize just how small of a cage he’s actually in. Keep us posted on further discoveries.

  3. Sounds like there is much built up justice in this pet.. Unless he is secretly, in fact the man he is talking about.. Curious what you’re pet will do to you if he found out you where watching him like the loyal owner you are… Good luck.

  4. Honestly I think this rat is disgusting. Misbehaving like that. Why can’t he just run his little wheel like good rats do. Stop nosing around in other people’s trash you vermin.

    Ignoto Morits
  5. The drawing was a nice touch, this poor guy has no idea.

  6. You, my dear, are a tease. The suspense is killing me. Or, is it killing him? C’mon! More!

  7. Lol!! Say Cheese!

  8. I love having fun with the labratory mice the way the run around the little cage it might be time for a little surprise.

  9. I want to see him in pieces.

  10. Why not try an experiment, have him drink some acid and watch him rot from the inside?

    • That ends it too quickly, why not make him suffer?

      • When acid is pouring down your esophagus, time will be the slowest it has ever been. Who said he couldn’t suffer during the process either? A little torture foreplay followed by a couple large gulps of acid sounds like the perfect climax to me. Maybe you should try it sometime.

  11. Cool, can’t wait to see more. “Despite all the rage I’m still just a rat in a cage” :)

    Crimson thoughts
  12. Toy with his brain, and push him to his limits. Please, update soon.

  13. Interesting.

    Diabolical Killer
  14. I wonder what it would be like to put a rat in a microwave oven?

    Diabolical Killer
  15. What an adorable little rat. Shame he’s up to no good.

  16. I’m curious. If I want to enter a video entry do I need a computer for that or can I do it from my mobile phone?

    Diabolical Killer
    • I also would like to know. A show awaits the folks but i need to be able to show it in the first place.

      • I too have something I would like to show. I’m sure you’d find it appealing.

        Diabolical Killer
  17. What a cute little rat 😉 its a shame he wont stay quiet..

  18. A visit from a kitten would be fun to keep mousy on his toes, but why risk it?

    frozen but warm
    • I would love to offer myself up 😉 I only bite hard

  19. Update soon 😉

  20. Webcam with him from inside his own house :)

  21. Where did you buy him? I want one!

  22. I’m scared to even look at this after the video he’s been a very bad boy.

  23. I’m confused, He didn’t get killed

  24. What Remote Admin Tool is this? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before.

  25. I would love to see more..

  26. What a gorgeous little rodent… I’d love to have some fun with him somewhere soundproof; I’d love to hear him scream… Pale skin tainted red… You’re lucky to be playing with him.


  28. you should post more.
    it seems interesting

    • Hello all. I’m obviously new and would love to see more

  29. I love a good show

  30. you have my attention with your RAT. Looking forward to what’s yet to come. :)

  31. I know some of the people that come on here only look for the kill and the blood but the silence and suspens turns me on! It not the kill its the hunt that gets me going whyddon’t you play with him a little so I can watch 😉

  32. I want you to do some experiments with him, I liked previously suggested ones, but I need something a little more exciting

  33. How…intoxicating

  34. hey guys good work i really like you sooooooooooooo much and i have honor to comment on your work , good job and all respect for you guys

  35. is there going to be another season?

  36. yes

  37. problbly

  38. This pet of yours is highly interesting! I can not wait to read more.

  39. im kinda addicted to this site now haha

  40. I need to find out who he is, I want him to do dirty things to me, uhg ♡


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