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Do you like my new pet?

I’ve kept a lot of rodents in my time, but this little RAT seems especially interesting. What do you think he’s up to? Should I post more?


  1. Looks like his computer had the same fate as headphone girl in episode 1, hacked!

  2. It appears he doesn’t realize just how small of a cage he’s actually in. Keep us posted on further discoveries.

  3. Sounds like there is much built up justice in this pet.. Unless he is secretly, in fact the man he is talking about.. Curious what you’re pet will do to you if he found out you where watching him like the loyal owner you are… Good luck.

    • eyes4u

      Interesting theory. Don’t worry about me, I cover my tracks well.

  4. Honestly I think this rat is disgusting. Misbehaving like that. Why can’t he just run his little wheel like good rats do. Stop nosing around in other people’s trash you vermin.

    Ignoto Morits
    • eyes4u

      All the nosing around is what makes him so interesting. I should have more for you soon…

  5. The drawing was a nice touch, this poor guy has no idea.

  6. You, my dear, are a tease. The suspense is killing me. Or, is it killing him? C’mon! More!

  7. Lol!! Say Cheese!


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