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  1. too quick… where is the expression of true desire? if you must satisfy the need why not savour the moment?

    • Curious Red

      You sound like a true aficionado. Maybe one day we’ll get to see some of your work.

      Curious Red
      • Why did you kill him ?

        Dead light
      • Ive never killed no one before

      • You could’ve left some kind of symbolism or something to make your work stand out from the crowd, like carving a kind of brand into his chest, or leaving a calling card, or something.

      • “We’ll”? So you admit there’s more than one of you, miss curious..

    • Much agreed. Would have savored a second or two before I slit his throat ….. Camera is there for a reason right?

    • Made me cum my pants. Sticky slimy cum!

      Freddy Kruger
  2. In a public place? If reckless is what you’re looking for.

  3. KuddleKatKillah

    dude looks like he deserved it

    • I thought he looked cute, I mightve tried a little foreplay

  4. I love the juicy squishing sound when the knife slides in.

  5. A knife is fine for a beginning instrument, but there are much more satisfying implements that can be used.

    • KuddleKatKillah

      tools are tools, dont over think it

      all I care about are the idiots im using them on

      catch my drift?

      • It’s more of a personal preference in my opinion. I’m sure everyone has their own methods and repertoire. I’m sure that Curious Red will discover what works best for him/her.

  6. he looked really high, like OWO OH BOY A CAMERA SOME HOW

  7. but what the fuck do i know im a failure

    • You arent a failure. Just need a bit of guidance and a fellow to help make you show your true potential.

  8. Don’t you just love that thrill of killing in public? The rush of possibly being seen and caught is like no other. And I think it was tastefully done. No drama. Just a kill. Nice…

  9. Next time try a slow live skinning. If you want your victim to be in agonizing pain, sprinkle some salt in there.

  10. u kill them for real? why do u do that man?

  11. is this real or ??

  12. try braking every bone in the human body and the skinning them alive

    disturbed apprentice
  13. This site it is not real

  14. LOL!

  15. Anyone who thinks this is real has obviously never seen the series..lmao! (Which is pretty BADASS!)

  16. This is fantastic, don’t listen to the haters, darling.

    Queen of Hell
  17. How come some people here believe this site is true, this is only fiction, all this is bullshit, are u guys retards or crazy or what? how is possible…. Guys get a life :p lol u guys still believe in Santa…? Or what? Ahahahahah oh common….. 😮 lol

    • The site was for shits&giggles anyway for the show so chill. It’s all just to make the show seem more real. Obviously if something like this could be real the police would be on it in a second, everyone knows that. Don’t take it all so serious, it’s just for fun

  18. Omg curious red is a ficticious character from the serial Darknet it is not real…… Oh common this site appear on serial lol even here on site says this site is only fiction

    • where do you live? id sure like to visit and talk about the website with you..

  19. Me2

    Nice work there Curious Red. I’m more of an axe wielder myself. But you show exemplary technique with the knife.

  20. This is art. Myself, watching the life drain from the individual.

    No Face
  21. HA NICE.

  22. i want to see more creativity..

  23. Anyone else know how to upload to this site?
    I have quite a few tricks of my own to share with everyone…

    Le Psycho
    • DarknetAdmin

      You need to be a super user to upload. It’s quite the rigorous process to be accepted, just ask Curious Red 😉

    • Id love to see

  24. I found this one to be quite comical. The look on his face. Priceless. Complete surprise.

  25. boobs

  26. i recomend you try to savor the kill a bit more instead of just killing them you might enjoy skinning them alive or maybe spilling little bits of corrosive chemicals.Them again such ideas are quite noisy so remember to find some place secluded.

  27. thrilling but not beautiful, maybe next time.

    frozen but warm
  28. Very good, very good! I left you a gift. Same place. Maybe we can meet someday.

  29. Did you keep his Jacket? It’d be a Shane for it to go to waste

  30. I enjoyed the TV show and I hope there are more episodes to watch of this show. Curious Red is one of my favorite character of the show and she did a good acting job.

  31. Did u feel a aarousal frm the session

  32. Why did you start

  33. Dude I’m watching the movie about this website and its really interesting.

  34. I do not target random people but the people who deserve it. Clense them of their sins. But i like your work. Swift and to the point. No traces left. Thumbs up red.

    Silent Assassin
  35. I love your work, Curious. I look forward to more.

  36. Marvelous hunting tactic! Bravo!

  37. Pretentious.
    Not that it matters.

    End of Story
  38. Looking forward to seeing more of your work soon! You’re talented.

  39. Interesting video, but absurdly risky. Baylisascaris procyonis is my preference. The suffering one can inflict with one little nematode is almost immeasurable, and all it takes is a quick sprinkle in a drink or piece of food. The parasite’s eggs are easy to harvest, live for years and are extremely resistant to both disinfectants and heat. Just take care not to infect yourself…

    Clockwork Cupcake
  40. Why him? Out off all the people I find more satisfaction come from those who trust you the most and expect it the least……

  41. I want to know how to see these videos….

  42. Not cool, targeting other members of the site. That’s biting the hands that feed you. Though I admit he kinda had it coming, seeing as he encouraged you to rip off Luka Magnotta. Copycats are fine, but you need to have the three body count minimum before you’re responsible enough to not confuse the police with other killers, or risk letting the caught ones get out. There are RULES to play by, after all. Otherwise you’ll end up publicly ridiculed and forgotten when you’re caught.

  43. More! I want to see more. :)

  44. How do i get permission to watch this

  45. I know you are new, but this was far to fast.
    ~ A little slice of heaven,
    and a slice of you.

  46. 😈😈😈


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