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  1. Hmmm… I wonder if it would eventually eat ALL the flesh…

    • Killing Joke

      Are you volunteering to try it out? lol

      Killing Joke
    • I’m sure it will. Leaving them nothing but a pile of decaying flesh on the floor. Or bone. Be interesting to see for sure.

      Diabolical Killer
    • im pretty sure it will lol try it out on someone and find out

      • It sure would be a great way to get rid of evidence… ;)

  2. It’s not being eaten, just changed. It’ll be back soon enough.

  3. This strain doesn’t appear to be as necrotic as the strain I’ve seen.

  4. Now that looks like it could bring a smile to a face…. I need that recipe.

  5. Can we somhow mix this diseases genes with the common cold?

  6. I want to see more of Al_Souls work. A disease is not work unless you are the disease.

  7. wow se comments on here our just freaky

  8. He should make a time lapse. Of the skin slowly deteriorating. We could see the bones expose gradually.

  9. Canibalism at its finest!

    Teach me how to scream

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