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  1. okay WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?@?!?

    • Mummy Dearest

      A burden that just won’t seem to go away.

      Mummy Dearest
      • Well, duh! You’re doing it wrong!

      • Keep it up Mummy Dearest. Are you sure you want that burden to go away? The longer he lives, the longer he has to live with himself. A pain much worse than death. It must be nice being in such control. Playing God is a game we all love to play on the Darknet.

        • God is a game everyone loves to play, but no one wants to lose…

      • Why not just shoot him in the head… A gun is like a magic wand that will make the “burden” go away 😉

  2. I wouldn’t want that in my house either.

  3. millenial roach

    look at his diaper, ahahha

    millenial roach
  4. TheBig_D

    I think I’ve seen this freak somewhere before.

  5. This is why it’s important to check that someone is actually dead.

    • KuddleKatKillah

      An axe to the head does the trick, no checking needed after that.

      • Oh but so brutish. Elegance in murder is a beautiful thing, with a razor sharp blade cutting flesh and severing arteries like true artist.
        Though, some of those animals don’t deserve to be made into art.

        • KuddleKatKillah

          I’ll leave the art to you picasso. I prefer to get shit done.

          • You can get shit done and enjoy it at the same time, Kuddle. To just end it is a waste. Why kill someone if you don’t get to see them squirm a little first? Take time to snuff the roses, Kuddle. Makes it all the better.

      • I am fuck u
    • Dead is too quick and easy, but tortured to the point of wanting death is much more fun

      • If they want death (and fucking is not involved in the killing) then it sort of kills the thrill for me, personally.

        That being said, I’m with you on the torture.

        • such a lovely world we live in…tank god for the agony coz caring dont mean shit in this world

      • That’s exactly what I was thinking .

  6. really great tv show guys! keep it up

  7. nice touch on the end a nice scare to end it

  8. Lol!

  9. Where the hell is season 2?

    • Murder is a work of art, and there is little cause to rush it.

    • That’s what I want to know. Will there be a season 2, I am addicted now

      • Anyone that knows when season two will be on, let me know!

        Mz. Killz21
  10. oh my god I was so freaked out at the end! I warned my friend not to watch it, but I don’t think my friend will listen

  11. what do u mean darkestofthemall

  12. Where is season 2?

  13. I don’t get the whole point of this?

  14. lol what

  15. A face not even a mother could love.

  16. who comments on these really? you guys say some crazy shit.

  17. are you responding to me ?

  18. This shit has to be fake…….

  19. Its so real

  20. Are u responding to me

  21. what the hell are you guys talking about?

  22. I am king
  23. Its all fake it keeps people watching and some people fall for it and piss their pants lol

  24. Its all fakecome on, but it’s great for buisness lol

  25. I want to make love to him.

  26. confused as fuck.

  27. I was sort of expecting a jump scare, but his breathing was pretty obvious watching the stomach. Still mildly amusing. : )

  28. If only I actually had someone’s help

  29. Contrary to what seems to be a popular opinion, this was very sloppy.

  30. Yeah, not gonna lie, this one is the most confusing of them all. Between the heart monitor, the dozens and dozens of bottles of questionable yellow substance, interviewing a nanny for no reason, and then somehow this boy managing to put on a suit and try to rush to make an interview is confusing as hell. Also, was Mommy here the vengeful homeopath? I thought it was, but the pictures were a little vague and I couldn’t be sure. Either way, this one confused me way too much, although the businessman and the world’s most determined escort was worth the watch.

  31. WTF is wrong with his face?

  32. can you give me premission to view?

  33. how do I view this?!!?!?

  34. I want a hacker. I feel very interesting when i can destroy password my computer. Can I help me,ok?

    the new hacker
  35. I think some video and some pictrure are being share on darknet so horrible

    the new hacker
  36. Wtf, the dead is so quickly

    the new hacker
  37. Why moderation its information I wish to give.

  38. what ?


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