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  1. jkAllDays

    Nice try. First post here and you start with this?

  2. Guest

    How about you cut it up and mail each piece to a different country?

    • ???

    • omg, is this real??

    • If you do you should send the right leg to Japan

      • I killed someone I don’t know what to do help someone help me what should I do ???

    • I would do that .

    • No, you find an open grave that is to be filled the following day, and bury the body at the bottom.
      They’ll never find it…I know.

    • ha your dead now :)

    • I don’t think that would really work, you do know they x-ray packages right?

    • That would be a great idea but wouldn’t they be able to tell when it goes into different states?

      Dead Teddy
    • They would be able to see what is in the package so actually that’s not a very good idea. But maybe if you were just to bury the body and make sure to not leave anything that could prove it was you.

      Dead Teddy
    • She did just that

    • ooohhhh am i going to get one lol

      look behind u
    • nice idea!

  3. Put it in the passenger seat and go on a road trip!

    • Dude really? What if you got pulled over. The cop sees the body and immediate arrest. Unless you pull it off as the body’s your friend who got too drunk so you had to drive them home…My god it could actually work!!!

  4. Compost bin!

  5. Wrap it up and leave it just inside your door. I’ll be by to pick it up shortly. No questions…

  6. All you need is a good sharp butchers knife, Sandwich bags, Clingfilm (saran wrap for the Americans), a chest freezer and a good three hours of your time. That’ll keep you going for a short while until the hunger takes you again.

  7. Sounds like it’s time to start investigating corrosive acids. Just make sure you also get the proper container to hold the acid in.

    • This was exactly my initial go to thought as well. No remote possibility of them even being able to acquire any type of DNA or genetic evidence. :)

  8. drown in the lake

  9. Make it into dinner.

    • Curious Red

      How would you prepare it?

      Curious Red
      • I would prepare it in a variety of different ways. You could for instance, make lean hip steaks and then roast the posterior in a deep dished roasting pan. For seasoning, you’d want some garlic, pepper, salt and any other spices at your discretion.

        • I wonder if you could dehydrate pieces and store them for later.

        • Might I suggest, skinning and then sauteing the arm using a small amount of fat from the omentum. After which, cutting the meat into little cubes and smothering them in onions for an extra strong taste. then, boil the fingers and use the bones as toothpicks to stick in the slices for a “fancy” effect.

          • With love

            -me c:

          • so fancy it hurts i love it.

      • Can i go and prepare it for you?

      • Gut it like a deer , cut the meat out , steak time 😉

      • Send them to me
        Ill send you the address when you reply back


      • i keep forgetting you took an axe to the face

      • are you still alive red?

      • Frying sounds rather pleasant

      • It needs to be tenderized, humans are tough

  10. I’ll buy him off you. Meet me at Bluffers park and we’ll talk about price. You might have a job if you can supply me with more bodies, Dead or Alive.

    • I might have what you want to buy. What state are you in? You’d have to be within driving distance of me

  11. just know your in deep shit there is no perfect murder!!

  12. Burn the body, Grind the remaining bones, Mix them with cement then use it

    • This could work and sounds rather creative. I hadn’t thought of this before.

    • Super creative idea… well played.

    • What about the smell? Even I personally enjoy it most people will notice, THATS WHY FEBREZE IF ITS strong enough!

      Lucid Lime
  13. Kill a dog.
    Go to the woods, dig a 6ft hole. Bury the body with 3ft dirt on top. Then the dog with the rest of the dirt.

    Die On Set A
  14. Meat grinder….

    Fatal Error
  15. Take it to the police and confess.

  16. Eat it

  17. Why dispose of it just eat it dahlmer style 😉

  18. I would Frame someone else

    The Hutch
  19. Well, depending on how long ago this happened or if you are still into this sort of thing, you could go with what everyone else is suggesting and eat it in some way or even feed it to a pet. My suggestion is: you could stuff it inside one of the costumes at Disneyland if you can manage it. I will look forward to seeing more of your work. Welcome to the club. 😉

    • This kind of reminds me of Five Nights At Freddys.

      Lucid Lime
  20. Get a job at a restaurant and sneak it into people’s food over the course of a few weeks. Yum. Make sure to tell us which restaurant so we can come eat there!

    Queen of Hell
  21. Make it into a falafel.

  22. Cut it into very small pieces. Bury the pieces in different fields, some distance between.

  23. Umm if he was trying to hurt u couldn’t u just turn yourself in and say self defense? Dumb ho

    • I was thinking the same thing. Could have gotten away with it…

  24. Sell the body on the black market. Make some money and get rid of a soon to be smelly problem. Or clean the body well, apply make-up to make sure the skin isn’t too pale, add some sun glasses, place in wheel-chair and drop off in a solitary corner of a hospital, nursing home, hospice care home, etc. They will have no clue what hit them. Beware of fingerprints and DNA with that last idea though.

  25. Or leave him on a park bench in a large city with a high crime rate.

    • It worked for the IceMan in Jersey. Why not give it a try? He disposed of bodies in many creative ways.

  26. Sneak it in as a cadaver to, oh I don’t know, a med school or something.. 😉

  27. Slice open their stomache and drop them into any semi deep body of water. They won’t be floating back up…

  28. Lololol

  29. Wait until nightfall and dump the body in any convenient pig farm. They’ll eat everything but the belt buckle.

  30. 1. Grind up and feed to pigs, they eat anything. If the prey wasn’t too dirty, eat yourself like I.
    2. Hiding pieces of bodies in different locations is too hard. Why not try freezing the body (removes all evidence) and leave somewhere desolate.
    3. Fire and acid.

    My imagination is endless.

  31. Invite your friends over for a get together. Serve them with dinner.

    Flavored Ink
  32. .I suggest a tub of acid to remove the skin, then pull the remains apart. When your done, lightly wrap them up in Christmas wrappings and place one under each tree of a different person. Make sure the present is nameless, and that you bring a second gift as your original gift. To avoid supsence. After I advise a little outing of the country for a while. Then come back and repeat. Do this over the months and years, and I am sure you will have at least be up to a good measure of deaths and beautiful Christmas presence.

    • The “tub of acid” has been done before. Look it up. The acid ate through the tub and the flooring, causing the tub and remains to fall down through the ceiling. I recommend going to a desolate location and digging a large hole, or grave. The house won’t need remodelling afterward ;). I like your imagination, keep it up.

      • Don’t use an actual tub. Use a plastic container.

      • Use a barrel for the acid if you can’t find anything big enough. It works.

        • The barrel idea has been done before as well and it is also a successful method. You just have to obviously make sure the barrels are made of a material that can handle the acid.

      • Breaking bad lol

      • Breaking bad season 1

  33. this shit cant be real xD

  34. Cut it up into several pieces and feed it to stray dogs and cats in various areas until there is nothing left. You can always bury bones in old historic battlefields. No one thinks twice about those places.

    • That would work but if the bones were ever dug up they would be carbon dated and someone would eventually realize that the bones weren’t from the same time period as the battle

      • That’s only if they had any reason to believe that there were a body there. I’ve never heard of that being the case.

  35. This is crazy!

  36. ew. it’s just not human to eat a body.

  37. You can buy maggots at a pet store as food for other animals. But some and put them in a bathtub or large container of some sort with the body and let them do the work. Any bones that are left, grind them up and sell it on the streets claiming it to be cocaine.

  38. Just go to a really old graveyard and dig up on of the old graves that no one goes to then, throw the body in with it then fill it back in with dirt…

  39. Acid 55 gallon barrel and ur good to go

  40. This is what I do with my corpses. First, I rent a storage pod. Pay with cash, assumed name, all the fixins’. Second, find someone nobody will miss. I suggest homeless. Chemically KO them and bring them to the storage pod rolled in a rug. Third, and this is the most important part, kill them and DO NOT MAKE ANY UNCOVERED PHYSICAL CONTACT WITH THE BODY. Slit their throat and empty the blood into a bucket. Use said blood to write a personal message for the cops(My work has said “HELLO PIGS! EYELESS JACK SAYS HELLO!” And similar things). Third and final, go to a payphone and dial 911 or whatever your emergency services number is and tell them this. “Hello, pigs. I left you a present at *blank address*. Check it out…and bring the bomb squad. It’ll be an EXPLOSIVE TIME.*maniacal laughter*” and hang up. Keep watch on the news for your little deed and kick back.

  41. Burn the body, send the ashes to various news rooms.

  42. Roast it like the filthy swine he is.

  43. Well if you do decide to cook you should go all out Hannibal style, I’ve heard people would actually pay huge bucks to eat that shit.

  44. Gut em, skin em, and cook each part like you would any other animal. 😉 oh yum.

  45. hello :)

  46. Idiots

  47. My personal favorite way is to skin the body then slice it fairly thickly, to make it look like a steak or meat of some sort that you might buy at a store. You would then wrap it up with ceran wrap or deli paper and deliver it to a local food drive, church, orphanage, or other places claiming it to be “Kangaroo” meat. They taste very much alike.

  48. Any real practitioners on here intesterested in taking out some garbage?

  49. You should send each body part to each family member after you cop up the body. I think that would be cool and have a message come along with each body part saying they’ll be next.

  50. Chop up the body and record yourself eating it

  51. i love this show

  52. If always found the best way to burying small parts of the Vic in diffrent loacations but I alwys keep the head never know when it’ll come in handy :)

    jock the ripper
  53. Hi

  54. I want to be included in season 2

  55. I want to kill you you son of a bitch

  56. What even is this? I watched the film then looked up this site and actually found it…so confused?

  57. Cerberus here, mail them across the world. Make sure there is no return address obviously.

  58. smh.


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