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  1. jkAllDays

    Nice try. First post here and you start with this?

  2. Guest

    How about you cut it up and mail each piece to a different country?

  3. Put it in the passenger seat and go on a road trip!

  4. Compost bin!

  5. Wrap it up and leave it just inside your door. I’ll be by to pick it up shortly. No questions…

  6. All you need is a good sharp butchers knife, Sandwich bags, Clingfilm (saran wrap for the Americans), a chest freezer and a good three hours of your time. That’ll keep you going for a short while until the hunger takes you again.

  7. Sounds like it’s time to start investigating corrosive acids. Just make sure you also get the proper container to hold the acid in.

  8. drown in the lake

  9. Make it into dinner.

    • Curious Red

      How would you prepare it?

      Curious Red
      • I would prepare it in a variety of different ways. You could for instance, make lean hip steaks and then roast the posterior in a deep dished roasting pan. For seasoning, you’d want some garlic, pepper, salt and any other spices at your discretion.

  10. I’ll buy him off you. Meet me at Bluffers park and we’ll talk about price. You might have a job if you can supply me with more bodies, Dead or Alive.

  11. just know your in deep shit there is no perfect murder!!

  12. Burn the body, Grind the remaining bones, Mix them with cement then use it

  13. Kill a dog.
    Go to the woods, dig a 6ft hole. Bury the body with 3ft dirt on top. Then the dog with the rest of the dirt.

    Die On Set A

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