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  1. In your life, are you connected to yourself? When you die, will you be connected to yourself?

  2. millenial roach

    All the nasty things on this site and somehow this is the grossest. WTF

    millenial roach
  3. Fake tits for a fake bitch…LOL! Bloody good show! 😉 Oh, how I LOVE that RN a true BloodyBitch after my own heart <3

  4. Very nice… :)

  5. I hope our dear CURIOUS RED has seen this. It looks to be up their ally.

    • I don’t think she would, she seems more into killing people rather than messing with bodies.

    • her alley

  6. CURIOUS RED would indeed have a hay day with this… so would I.

  7. wish I could have seen the entire procedure, surgery is fascinating, cosmetic surgery especially so…

    frozen but warm
    • Yes

      Blakeheart 360
    • You could always try the procedure out on someone. I’m more of an open brain surgery guy myself…

  8. Hey Scratch, what are the indicators at the bottom right corner?
    Are they used to identify the video or what?

  9. One day the world will look upon the Devil and wonder how such a being could ever have wreaked so much havoc, destruction and death upon the earth.

  10. Love it just love it

  11. Is any of this real just curious ?

  12. O.

  13. The fun must begin.

  14. I wonder why i cant post on this forum i want to ask the simplest of question and say the simplest of phrases “GO TO SLEEP!!!” My little friends ill be with you tonight

  15. I wonder if this shit is real?

  16. Is this real life

  17. I love this one

  18. boob job………am i missing something………

  19. …well, that’s one way to have an excuse for boobs. Always welcome, I suppose.

    …but seriously, dude, don’t use cosmetics to smuggle shit over the border, you can get sued even in Canada for that!

    Drop the plastic surgery and go for skin grafts or plating or some shit. You’re just BEGGING for an implant to slip to the flat side and show lumps and then the whole game’s been given away.

  20. Everyone is going to die

  21. How do I get Permission to watch videos?

  22. I want to have some fun.
    Surprise me.


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