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  1. Hehe, i guess this site is super legit, i was expecting a popup of one of them scare things, but i am trying it right now ~♥~


      • how do i change it back

        • AI_Souls

          Some of us are special. Keep up the initiative and you may join us one day.

          • One day I will join and when I do be prepared to burn.

          • id like to join id love to learn more about this site to see what I can see in death

            goodfiend 40
    • i wish i could add a photo it was quite easy once i watched everything very closely.the password surprised me. but i got it in 11.4 seconds. i have a photo to prove it.

  2. Took me a while to figure out but it was a pretty good find. :)

  3. I got a handle on it fairly quickly once I figured a few things out. Surprisingly, my initial guess was only three letters off. I’m digging the similarities in names to infamous real life people. It’s interesting what was found out, and I await more.

    • eyes4u

      I’m sure it won’t be long before something else worthwhile turns up, this one is a busy little critter.

      • Hi

      • Too easy. I expect more from you Eyes4U. However I love this idea. Just make it harder so less can see it. Make us all pay for the beauty you create.

      • A little too easy. I expect more from you Eyes4U. However I love this idea. Just make it harder so less can see it. Make us all pay for the beauty you create.

  4. For anyone wondering, it’s worth the trouble. I’m beginning to understand what our pet is looking for.

  5. I’ve got the letters still haven’t got the order yet..

  6. It doesn’t allow me to do puzzle on my cell?

  7. Interesting find Eyes, I look forward to seeing how how your little RAT develops.

  8. Ah very clever indeed <: It only took me 7 minuets to figure out after I got the letters.

  9. I noticed there’s a typo in the file.

  10. I cant do it xD ;3;

  11. Why comment on masks if he’s not the one using. The comments make you think he’s going to kill people but then it shows that he’s researching someone else. You got a really good maze here with plenty of twists and turns.

  12. Took me 2 and a half minutes, I may not be bright but if there’s anything I can tell from these documents, your little RAT is going to NYC or the Memorial Hospital in Toronto.

  13. Ten minutes. A bit slow but well worth it. Keep teasing us, dear. Keep us well updated.

  14. 2 min 45 sec. Interesting. Can’t wait for more, Eyes.

  15. Just out of curiosity, can we post actual THINGS on here? I have some material that I’m just DYING to get on here. It’s almost CRIMINAL how good it is and the audience agrees. They DIED laughing. One could say that it was a KNIFE TO THE THROAT event…I’ll admit that that one wasn’t really GOOD, but it’s not like I’m making a KILLING off them.

  16. Is this site going to keep updating? Needs more content. This site shouldn’t commit SUICIDE just yet.

  17. Too easy.

  18. the inability to change my account picture is really starting to piss me the fuck off

  19. fun puzzle, maybe I should do them more often seeing as my preoccupation with art over technical thinking has left me rusty. then again you rarely need word puzzles when you’re opening a chest cavity.

    frozen but warm
  20. easy puzzle. pointless info. i figured this website was as “cheese-y” as the show.

  21. Was fun wish this site was active

  22. So not fair. I cant see the download. It makes me so sad….

  23. I don’t get it at all

  24. Доброго времени суток, товарищи. Итак, я выходец из Донецка, напомню, что тут идет война. У меня вопрос, где-нибудь возможно найти переводы этого сайта?

  25. 5:11:49

  26. Damn… I couldn’t get it…

  27. Damn it, i couldn’t get it

  28. I got the first letter correct and only had 2 left … Will try again

  29. Hah

  30. You should keep closer eyes on your pets dear or they might just start dyeing from their inability to stop searching.

  31. Im stumped,lol.

  32. This took some time, but once you find out what the letters are, the orders are easy. Too bad we wont be receiving any more notes from the rat.


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