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  1. Nazology

    You’re lame.

  2. Kuddlekatkillah

    Go back to serial killer school.

  3. jkAllDays

    Don’t believe you’ve killed anything other than
    my time.


      If you don’t believe me, I left proof in the
      Fenn Road Underpass. Please go check it out

      • I had a look, frankly I’m disappointed. I can see what you’re trying to do but emulating a fictional character is not the way to go.
        It’s almost plagiarism.
        There was no style or character to the method or the presentation.

        I’d like to see better from you, try again and really channel your inner self.
        Show the world who you are in your work.
        Are you an Artiste or just another tawdry butcher?

        Show me you are more than that.

        Show HIM you are more than that.

        • Curious Red

          Cute. It’s shame you weren’t the first one to show up 😉

          Curious Red
          • Anyway you can contact me Curious Red?

      • Telling us to go check it out instead of simply posting your proof on here? Oh, you tease!

        • Curious Red

          Ask and you shall receive.

          Curious Red
          • im loving this. do something a little closer to home for me?

          • c;

      • Keep up the good work Red

      • As if anyone would be stupid enough to fall for one of the oldest tricks in the book.

        Grim the Reaper
      • In your liking…just killed my first of many…but i dont know what to do with the body…any suggestions?

        • I hear burying it in a fresh grave is good for evasion, but have you seen the cooking channel lately? So much you can do with pork.

          frozen but warm
        • sell it as ground beef

        • Did you really ? Id like to see that . (;

      • Nice teddy bear

      • I want to see

      • Hell no

      • fake…

      • This is fake

        Radio girl
      • Oldest trick in the book, ahaha Curious Red you’re too evil!

      • Curious is the game still on

      • sloppy.

      • Nice teddy!

        Twisted Metal
      • Haha I like how you work I see what you did there. Whats better raw are cooked if you know what I mean?

    • Lolol…nice

  4. Ṡ͕͇̦̬͇͇̜ͨͅh͙̦̗͖͚̏̏̓̄͆̅̚e̫̮͐̒ͮ ͓̖̀̀g̳̼̥̜̟͔͂i͚̖̙̭̒͐̔̈́ͥv̭͉̤̪͍̟͑͋ͦ̓̏ͅͅẻ̱͓̖̣̳̬̗̺ͧ̂ͪs̗̺̪̬̫̳̰ͬͤ͊ͩ͒ͪͮ́ ͚͖̑̏̍͐̋̿̀͋͑ͅu̗̪̰͈̦̮̰̘̾̓͌ͨs͕̬̣͐̋ͫ͒̌̔ ͍̱͎͇̩̯̊͒̏̌ͧͭ̿̊t͙̣̮͖͚͚͊̃̑ͅh͖̳͉̺̫̉̊̏͂̌̆͂e͈̩͈ͤ̔ͧ̂̚ ̣̒ͬ͂͐͗͆̇̚k̞̼̝̯̰͍͔͓̊͂̐i̺̮̝̞͖͆͗ͯ̅ͅs̲͙̱̍̒̆̊s̭̲̪̝͉̦̀̈́̈̾͗ ̣̻ͫ̌ͨt̥̟͚̹̠̯͙̂̀h͕͈̦̘̽̋̔a̰͖̳̐͂ͫ̈ṱ̆ͮ͋ͫ ͍̙̲͎͕̏͊̚b͕̻̞͍͌̿ͨͨr̥̃̓̊ͫ͑͛̚i͔̥͙̘̭̱̼͋ͅn̝̖̮̱̪͕̮̠̈́ͪ̓ͮͩ̎ͬg̠̫͉̘ͮ̇͋ͧ̽ͨ̚̚s͇̋̉ͫͥ̽ ̪͑̂̑͗͐̔͆̐ů͔̤̘̓͌̿̏s̭͎̜̠͙͙̗͋ ̩͕͍̗̼̰̑̀ͨ̏̉c̪̀ͮ̐̏͑͌l̲̈͒̃ͬ̾̐ͪ̚o̯̪̳̤̰̠̤̲͊͗̌͆̆̌s͉͎̣̜̭͂̽͋e̦̹̞̬̦͋̓͊ͤ̉ṟ̼͋ͪ̚ ̰̯̭̩ͤͮ̔ͩͭͤͯ̚t̲̭̭̰͊͌̌o͎̫̻̠ͣ̌ͬͫͫͨͥ ̌̏̊̓ͪ̚ͅH̺̱̖͙͓̘̔͒̓͐ͫ͆I͉̳͙͎̻̽M̞̲̥͕̰̎̆̾̾̑̃̚

    • Curious Red

      It’s a shame Goddess worship has fallen out of fashion.

      Curious Red
      • Such a shame but I am intrigued, completely new to the site

        • Curious Red

          Welcome. Are you predator or prey? I wonder…

          Curious Red
          • only the fools are letting to be preyed upon

          • Allow me to cut in to answer such question that has been asked. Many men and women of this world are nothing more then prey. To become a predator, you must know when life has given you the option. This option allows all your doubts to be lost, all emotions to be empty except one. And with this, you are measured. Prey or Predator. But a Predator can always become prey to someone of higher purpose. So the question isnt Prey or Predator. The question, what will you do to remain the top Predator of the world where fishes are likely to bite back.

        • agreed

  5. Curious Red, you my kinda people… 😉 Let’s see what we can do about that “Goddess worship” issue…

  6. yap! this is very addictive you will never stop killing…welcome to serial killer’s world

  7. you should have a peirod of time before you kill again and when you do dump the bodie a few county’s over other than that have fun

    disturbed apprentice
  8. I love your work curious red

  9. We’re you badly treated from birth???

  10. You’re gonna get caught if your not careful if you haven’t already go watch the TV show called Dexter start to finish this should help and maybe CSI or something to that effect as well.

  11. This is crazy

  12. I really look forward to seeing the next person you choose. I think you could get more creative. Make a show of it.

    • Curious Red

      And I thought posting on the Darknet for all to see was making a show of it 😉


      Curious Red
      • Im glad to see you are willing to step up. But that was no challenge by any means. If you are trying for a challenge then why not go for someone that people WILL miss. Now that makes for a great show. Just puttin videos on here isnt a show. This is a community. We know what we are capable of but to what lengths.

  13. Curious Red, you ever coming back? We all miss you on here. You seemed like you were just getting started.

    Queen of Hell
    • Curious Red

      You’ve only seen a taste of what is to come. And by taste I mean that literally and figuratively. I’ll be sure to unveil the main course in due time.

      Curious Red
  14. whens the next season coming out I cant wait to see more

    • Curious Red

      The next season is Winter, it will be a challenge to carry my work out in the cold but I’m up for the challenge.

      Curious Red
      • With love

        -me c:

      • Can’t wait to see what you do next Red. Give us a date on the next season please. Must see more.

      • *slow clap*

      • Can’t freaking wait! Huge fan of your work! 😉

      • Red, you’re my kinda man, i wanna see some pictures of what you did.. Heh.

  15. Me2

    I agree Curious Red, once you start you can’t stop, won’t stop.

  16. This intrigues me.

  17. Curious Red since I know who you are now, can we be friends?

  18. If I were to kill someone of whom I’ve had past “relationships” with, how would you suggest that I do it?

    • You shouldn’t ever kill anyone you know. You don’t wanna be connected to the deceased whatsoever, unless you want to be caught. Only a perfect plan would allow this to be done successfully but how often does shit turn out perfectly?

      • That wasn’t the response I was hoping for.

        With love

        -me c:

    • You would have to make it look like the perfect accident. A good example would be a hunting trip where neither of you are wearing the appropriate neon gear, where you are both wearing camouflage and they just so “happen” to be a distance away. I mean, it worked for Dick Cheney when he “accidently” shot his friend in the face, but in that instance you would have to be a damn good shot 😉

    • Why not make them do it themselves? Set things up to make them take care of themselves, without you having to lift a finger.

  19. i’ve been seeing you.

  20. Once you start, you get a taste for it. Just don’t get reckless. Always be aware of your surroundings; security cameras, passerby’s.. Even if the person has a mobile phone, make sure you dispose of it properly.

    I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  21. How should I kill my husband?

  22. Red your getting sloppy. I seen you passing Mcdonald s today. Took me a while but i found you =). You really should reverse ping your ip adress to confuse people atleast. By the way you should upgrade your webcam. You looked all splotchy when i was checking in on you. See you soon.

  23. Dear curious red would love to have dinner sometime

  24. Bodies, bodies everywhere

    death creature
  25. Curious Red, I think Winter is the best time. The bodies don’t decompose as fast. Yes, the ground is harder but if you’re lucky like I am you may live by plenty of bodies of water 😉 (no pun intended lol)

    Crimson thoughts
  26. All of the questions that have infinite answers aren’t worth knowing. The Only answer that is needed is the one that will get the job done. Heads? or, Tails?

    Bloody Anastasia
  27. Blood everywhere lets paint these walls

  28. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to kill someone. I mean, I write novellas about it, but I wonder what it is like in your mind.

  29. I’m simply wondering….
    Is this real?

  30. Is anything real ?

  31. Curious Red, how did you get on tv? Did u really make that teddy bear a camera and stabbed the man in the neck? (P.s. should torture souls be killed?)

  32. All for fun

  33. Teddy bear was a nice touch.

  34. I want to kill somebody too.

  35. Kill me.

  36. So excited for next season..

  37. Finally a horror show/film that isn’t fucking cheesy. This show actually gives me fucking chills. I love it. STAY THAT WAY PLEASE.

  38. Is there really going to be a second season? I’ve been searching around for answers.

    • If you have a Twitter account, tweet @netflix and ask for another season.

  39. Thats Fine If You Enjoy It Do It. 😉

    Lucid Lime
  40. !

    Lucid Lime
  41. €:-)

  42. I’ve been searching for a site like this forever, and thanks for the T.V show I found one. Let me start off… The Name’s Ghost, I don’t know why but people call me that, I always had a taste for blood. Blood taste’s nice…. I’ll be seeing you.

  43. you should ship the body parts to me… I like Body parts…

  44. Oh Miss Red. So much to learn..

  45. Oh Curious, you truly are my favorite of this community. I’d love to see more of your work, its really a shame there isn’t more to see, I positively adore you.

  46. Hello 😉

  47. This doesn’t make any sense, I mean are you even real? or are you pretending to be “Curious Red”..

    Cold Blood
  48. Where is the next season Red..I’m dying to see more.

  49. You should paint the walls red next time heehee…

    The Babadook
  50. The name ‘Curious Red’ is pretty interesting in itself. Have you considered a style that will tie into your username? Carving certain things into flesh, wearing a red hood, that kind of thing?

    Either way, if you’re going to kill, do it right. Be creative, inventive, love your work and it’ll love you right back.

    I’m always game.

    • When someone with such a “unique” name I agree with the comment of having a specific signature. I mean how else is someone supposed to know it’s you. The beauty within the flawed. Even the deadliest of things can be art right?

      Crimson Ivy
  51. i called the police

  52. oh shit

    the new hacker

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