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Oh god…

I wasn’t sure if I should even post this video, but I think you all deserve to see it. I had no idea how serious this was. If he found the RAT, he could probably find any of us. I’m going to get off the grid for a while. Watch your backs…


  1. NO! Why him!

  2. Damn, I was right.
    I was just hoping the Rat would’ve put up a fight.
    Ah I suppose it takes an artist to take down an artist, I think dear old Scratch That/Skull Mask will be keeping all of us entertained.
    Brandish your tools artists, this may just be fun.

  3. Did anyone else receive a call today? My number is 18.

  4. I’m #7…. let’s dance!

  5. If I were “Scratch That,” I’d be going after eyes4u next. I’m also curious why CURIOUS RED, KuddleKatKillah, and ME2 have their names in red. As I posted in ME2’s latest video, he recorded the deaths of what I assume are #2 and #3. So I will say again, you better keep your wits about you #4. Once you go down, I’ll be doing some stocking up since I’m #5 from the call I received.

    On a side note, the message I received reminds me a lot about a quote from a film that’s always stuck with me. I ask the other discussants the same question posed in the aforementioned film: “In your life, are you connected to yourself? When you die, will you be connected to yourself?”

  6. the guy died?

  7. This is the first time on this site. Wow. This is some of the most interesting sh1t I’ve came across in a long time.

  8. what’s the meaning of this fucking site i read it’s description,still don’t get it,maybe someone could “open my world”and explain?

  9. No thank you for all……i find girlfriend

  10. i need credit cards who can help me out??

  11. This site needs to be updated :(

    • Yeah, considering there aren’t dates anywhere, you can never know whether the game’s still on…

      • I’ve been coming on here for a while and nothing new has been added

      • The game is always on…

    • Holy shit that was dope

  12. the worst acting ive seen in a long lol !!!!!!!!

  13. i’m addicted to a facebook game and a want to win it could someone help me

    haekal the hellraiser
  14. It seems we have a new player?

  15. What a shame, he was clearly onto something, he should have been better at hiding his little trail in the maze. The cheese your looking for isn’t always the one you see, it would seem this rat fell for the trap at the end of the tunnel.

  16. Im so lost as of now ;3;

  17. what the fuck is happend here

    the assasin
  18. Can someone please give me an idea of what this site offers?

    juliette Ruyle
  19. Omg….. isthis true.. or do this dude just fucking with us?? :/

  20. what does it mean how do you search

  21. So scratch that is recruiting sounds like fun but I’m a little sad that I wasn’t on that list I would love to see how that turns out but it seems we’re all in for a more interesting time now any new videos must be analyzed carefully and anyone who’s name is there at the end should watch out cause its clear that he’s going after all of them if you don’t believe me check the names of those who got a call and those on the list only one is missing MALAISE but that name will be found on page 2 of these names which it’s clear that the names are in alphebetical order which proves that there are more names on his list. Happy Holidays

    • I love your theory but I makes it sound like Santa Claus which is a bit of an insult for such an artist you should watch out in case he comes for you next.

  22. Nice wink very hidden by the mask though.

  23. eyes4u, I thought you are the killer? WTF is happening?

  24. Run.

  25. Sorry about your pet :( Always a shame when pets die. However I’m sure you have more. Stay safe, and keep us updated.

    As a side note, hello Scratch That. Welcome to the game.

  26. I was hopping for a little more than suffocation. But this rat had to go. So quick and simple makes sense. Keep up the great work.

  27. I was hopping for a little more than suffocation. But this rat had to go. So quick and simple makes sense. Keep up the great work. If you need more recruiters, I will benefit you more than the rest on the list.

  28. Not a good idea to log onto the computer of they guy you just killed. Especially since Scratch That is a member of this site and should know the Rat’s computer is monitored. Maybe Eyes4u had a keylogger installed and has Scratch That’s password.

  29. This is why you don’t sniff around trying to identify the collectors. There are many more. Poking around. Playing detective. Perhaps you are one of them? Don’t think for a minute that you won’t be discovered. The collectors are everywhere. And they know more than you think.

  30. Hi Scratch That, I have a skull mask to, we should meet up

  31. He knows

  32. Why do I feel like nothing makes sense?

  33. Nobody’s ever truly off the grid. Stay frosty.

    Butcher Knife
  34. Good luck Eyes…

  35. Good luck everyone

  36. Interesting, very…thrilling to watch.

  37. easy kill. *yawn* are you trying to bore us to death?

  38. How droll. I’ve made much more beautiful deaths with my barehands. Scratch that needs to work on his executions js.

  39. I need more

    Xipe Totek
  40. Took my breath away, though Scratchthat seems afraid to get his hands dirty – isn’t that half the fun?

  41. Anticlimactic end for the Rat, but… not surprising.
    Hope things go well for everyone. Stay stealthy.

  42. its easy to hack someone computer now a days

    cute teddybear
  43. Just a point. If someone puts a bag over your head. Poke out the mouth as opposed to trying to remove it first.

  44. More please

    Cryptic Crow
  45. Is anything ever going to happen on here?


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