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  1. Are those flowers or butterflies on the bathroom wall?

    • millenial roach

      looks like blood to me lol.

      millenial roach
      • they mean the way it it drawn on the bathroom wall. looks like flowers to me. very artistic ..i find blood doesn’t stick to well if you use water.

        • millenial roach

          thats gross dude.

          millenial roach
          • its true that’s paint work..blood would never stick that way..

  2. Looks like the number eight. Someone else must know that eight is fate and keeps the world straight.

  3. It looks like butterflies to me, that got all runny with the blood to make it look like stems for the flowers. I wonder if it was the painter who drew them before she died or if it was a murderer.

  4. I haven’t made any art in a bit. Thanks for the reminder! Now, where is that bucket and paint brushes…?


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