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  1. Are those flowers or butterflies on the bathroom wall?

    • millenial roach

      looks like blood to me lol.

      millenial roach
      • they mean the way it it drawn on the bathroom wall. looks like flowers to me. very artistic ..i find blood doesn’t stick to well if you use water.

        • millenial roach

          thats gross dude.

          millenial roach
          • its true that’s paint work..blood would never stick that way..

        • I find if it drys a bit it tends to stick a lot better.
          ~ A little slice of heaven,
          and a slice of you.

          • Have you killed

      • more like cornsyrup and red 40

      • or paint

    • They’re butterflies, like the one on her right breast

    • Flowers I think, but blood doesn’t stick that well….

    • Very creative! We’ll done!

    • You are like a blood fly!!! Dexter without his muse!!

    • Rorschach test time.

      Sound And Fury
  2. Looks like the number eight. Someone else must know that eight is fate and keeps the world straight.

  3. It looks like butterflies to me, that got all runny with the blood to make it look like stems for the flowers. I wonder if it was the painter who drew them before she died or if it was a murderer.

  4. I haven’t made any art in a bit. Thanks for the reminder! Now, where is that bucket and paint brushes…?

  5. It’s clearly the 4chan clover symbol.

  6. that tattoo on her chest looked stupid so therefore she deserved to die. im really a fan of this guy’s work, plus he’s attractive 😉

  7. That’s what happens when u get a tattoo on ur boob. Ends up in a picture like this.

  8. I am having trouble believe that this is real. Any of this for a matter of fact but, it’s still a fun thought. I guess . . .

  9. This guys work is a joke, no skill at all…step it up or kick rocks

  10. I love the subtle smile in the first picture. It’s almost like she was thanking you for slitting her throat.

  11. Tatoos…yuck.

    • Would you prefer some scarification? I have a few ideas I’d love to have you model for me, Scortch.

      • I like the way you think, Sanguinary! Sounds like Scortch needs a lesson in body art appreciation.

    • Really I love tattoos, I personally don’t have any, but I do have an ever growing collection

      • Do you keep them hidden away or display them? I always thought shadow boxes would be a perfect display for body art t(hat was no longer attached to the body…)

        • Sadly I am forced to keep them hidden away, they need to be kept cold you see, so that the art remains perfectly intact.

  12. Wow, this show is lame, I killed someone and now I think I wanna kill another??? Why would you admit tht

    • Why wouldn’t you? I mean, this is supposed to be a safe place to talk about those things. Right?

    • eeeerrrrmmmeeeeerrgggdddd Meeerrrssheed perterters

  13. I believe its a unique piece. Seems like he got caught up in the finer things in life. Seems he stopped to enjoy the scenery and just couldnt help but find a way to capture the moment in front of him. Seems like a fun chap to try and pick through their mind…. Hee hee hee

  14. turns me on

  15. I love it, do more!!!

  16. Come find me Al_Souls, I’ll be waiting. I’m sure you’ve seen my picture(s) before.

  17. The shower painting was great, but lacked depth required to win me over fully. Next time maybe a strand of hair or a little pop of flesh to show how much you were interested in the subject.

    • I don’t know, I think where AL_SOULS went wrong was using the blood immediately on a waterproof surface, they should have left it to thicken a for a while. Would have left a much prettier butterfly.

      frozen but warm
  18. Hi

  19. What’s in her cleavage? It looks like a wrapper or something…

  20. He should have cut off her tattoo and preserved it. Would have made a sweet bookmark, or something of the sort.

  21. How do I get rid of a Dead body?

  22. I do not understand some of you….

  23. It was a Canadian cop who killed her i should know i was watching the whole time he had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes

  24. The woman had red hair and painted so weird pieces of art best not to show them but she was pretty sexy

  25. Next time officer make sure no one is watching and remember me in your dreams

  26. Well done.

    Curious blue 2
  27. I’ve noticed that the Number 13 is in every crime scene photo when its placed on the murder scene. Like, the bride one. Even if its fiction, and its suppose to look real, change up your numbers.

  28. I like it. It is beautiful… :)

  29. She’s still smiling

  30. what a rad necklace! weigh to go, girl!

    bloody sexon me
  31. asu *itu haram

    • If this is truly real then I must be an Eldritch Abomination.

      Jeff Smiles
  32. Congratulations, dipshit, you took the photos WAY too early and the blood on the walls hasn’t oxidized yet- all red and no brown. One look at these and your superior is gonna know these photos were taken before it was reported.

    Enjoy your life in prison.

  33. 1

  34. I have to say, the slitting of the throat was obviously going to be worth their prison time, no?

  35. It was surely beautiful but gruesome as well

  36. bobo


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