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The RAT – what we know so far

I thought it would be helpful to recap what we know about eyes4u’s pet RAT, so I collected all of the relevant information into a single post. You’re welcome.

When we first met the RAT in this video he seems agitated about something that happened to his girlfriend (?) and starts an investigation online. The poor fool has no idea that we’ve all been watching him.

A few days later eyes4u uploaded a file that she stole from his computer showing how far he has come with his investigation. She hid it behind a puzzle wall and out of respect I won’t link directly to the file. Anyone who wants to get at the information can jump through her hoops at the link below

Original Post
Link to puzzle

We didn’t hear anything for a few days and then the following video showed up. To anyone who has read the stolen file, it’s apparent that this video is connected somehow.

Any ideas? What do you think is happening?

UPDATE: User Jane_Mary_Cry_One_Tear found a phone number in the boob video (647)496-3275. Calling it brings you to a creepy set of riddles. Post your progress in the comments. Good work, discussant!

UPDATE: eyes4u has posted another video of the RAT. She sent the him the breast augmentation clip and the phone number that you guys found in it. Check it out!


  1. Well, we know there is at least one surgeon, one artist making his mark and making a fortune selling organs from our dear willing host. That the dear Rat’s seeming beloved was actually taken by a surgeon, an admittance from the supposed Skull Mask that he is indeed an artist, perhaps the footage is even of the Rat’s beloved under the knife of the disappearing surgeon, that artist who wears the symbol of death. The Skull Mask.

    Fascinating his advanced knowledge and techniques of manipulating the flesh. A great artist is what I think we’ll be witnessing soon.

    • eyes4u

      I posted a new video of the RAT that sheds a bit of light on things. You might not be far off. Check it out!

    • What is this site?

  2. I watched the surgery video again…and again…and again…(trust me I didn’t want to). Those blips in the bottom corner are numbers: 6-4-7-4-9-6-3-2-7-5.

    It’s a phone number that asks you questions. I got disconnected after the 3rd one, going to try again.

    Give it a try, it seems to do the same thing every time.

    • Nice find! After many tries I got through to the end. There are 12 different questions. Some don’t seem to matter how you answer, but others will disconnect you if you get them wrong.

      The ending was interesting.

  3. This is really enjoyable.


    • eyes4u

      I’m happy that you enjoy watching my RAT so much. I’ve uploaded a new video of him, if you haven’t seen it yet.

  4. I can fit 5 bodies into a large locker, but only 2 into a small locker. I have stored 16 bodies without any waste. And I prefer to use large lockers, how many lockers did I use?

    • You used 5 lockers. 2×5 = 10 + 3×2 = 6. 10+6 = 16 with no waste.

      There are 7 bodies in a room and you take 2 away. How many bodies do you have?

  5. I called the number posted the puzzle, it’s a recordin over an over?
    5 bodies~ GekkoGecko

    • Punch the answer in on your keypad and it takes you to the next question.

      How many bodies do YOU have?

  6. I finished it. I couldn’t make out what he said at the end though.

    • eyes4u

      Nice work. How many attempts did it take you?

      You could always call back to hear the ending again.

      • It took me about 12, because some were trick questions; others you actually needed math skills. And I’ve tried, but the phone has far too much static. Is the conclusion in the phone call helpful to this entire thing?

      • I also figured out the puzzle. Very helpful information from what I can see.

  7. Has anyone figured out the syringe question that cares to share? I can’t really understand part of the question.

    • That one was tricky. The correct answer is 5. From 16 used syringes you can make 4 full ones. Using those 4 syringes leaves you with 4 used ones (1/4 full each) which can combine back into one full shot, for a total of 5.

      You’re very near the end.

  8. When ‘Googling’ the same phrase that the RAT searched in the first video, I came across an interesting news report about a series of robberies and break-ins in Raleigh, North Carolina, with the unsub being a man in a skull mask. Could this be related? Is our ‘artist’ a masked robber as well as a surgeon? Here’s the news report: and a link to a picture of the map which shows the place of the crimes:

    This is really intriguing me…

    • This really is interesting.

      • Indeed. I haven’t been able to do the phone quiz as I am from the UK; but I shall find a way to get around that soon.

        • The only thing I get when I call is a recording saying ‘you don’t have enough money in your account to make this call…..blah blah to add more money…’ uh, no, i’m not adding more money. I pay enough for my cell phone bill. I don’t understand any of this? Is this number from another country?

  9. Nice job compiling the information, but it seems some more recent events have happened that need to be added. I found the phone quiz interesting. Took me a few tries, especially the syringe question.

  10. what the fuck ??!!

  11. How do i watch the video? Some one help

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