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  1. With the smell of bleach, a predator cleaning it’s kill, waiting to stalk and chase another prey, that is where it finds the fun?
    Or perhaps it’s the woman, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, desperate to discover something hidden away to be revealed by the tip of a knife.
    Regardless, if both are are predators it turns to irony, and more competition in the circuit if one is gifted.
    But my gift is not clairvoyance, perhaps you tell the story better?

    • Curious Red

      There are a lot of possibilities, aren’t there? I like the wolf in sheep’s clothing option the best. Sometimes the most dangerous things are hidden in plain sight.

      Curious Red
      • Hi are u a girl

      • Hello anyone?

      • Hey iam new here anyone plz

        • To learn more, click on the link with red text that reads, “Learn more about the Darknet Series.” You should get a better idea of what this site is about. Have a good one.

  2. Hmmm… I don’t think she’s as helpless as she seems. If I get to play God, the guy in the other room is in for a bloody surprise…

  3. What I think happens next and what would happen if I were playing God are two completely different things. What I think would happen next is that she is going to figure out there is an unwanted intruder and take matters into her own hands.

    If I were playing God, that guy wouldn’t be working alone and she would be in for a nasty surprise. If she kills the one guy, then all the better for the partner. Perhaps he/she planned things to happen that way.


  5. What happens next is my estranged husband kills me. What I need is a smart hacker that can put on his puter what I heard with my own two ears so I can stop it… Know anyone with those skills?… Dead if unanswered.

  6. One of my two grown sons is a Marine deployed overseas and can not protect me, my other son is locked up for protecting me from the first hired attack… I’m alone an vulnerable unless my soon-to-be-ex’s computer just so happens to have an email describing how he wants me beaten to death. He is worse than a newbie and adding a post-dated request for my death should not be that hard… I wish I knew how.

  7. Is this a poser forum, or a skilled forum?

    • poser forum it is!!! Got a link to serious peeps?

      • Sounds like you should research websites more closely in the future. I’m not sure what about this one gives you the impression that we’re all hackers. I bet with enough digging around you will find what you’re looking for. Best of luck, and I hope you stay safe.

  8. Oh btw Bloody Bitch, unless u have actually shot someone irl like I have… don’t bother responding

    • You seem like a massive idiot. It’s not that hard to put a rat on someones computer. Get a thumbdrive and hide the program. Get one with options for disabling the task manager, control panal, registry, firewalls and anti viruses. If you can’t get into the PC to upload it make a thumbdrive with a keylogger to log his password. Easy.

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