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  1. KuddleKatKillah

    must have been a killer track

    • im into voodoo witchcraft black magic & more! Also i put deedly curse who ever get in my way or who ever betray!

      • That was a transvestite with a huge penis who disgruntled his/her lover.

        Freddy Kruger
        • oh shut it donky raping shit eatter

          Jeff the killer
      • Dude was a lady, goddammit!!!!!!

        Freddy Kruger
    • Dude should have had an ax under his shirt! I wonder if he shit his pants after he died? I bet demons are fucking him in his butt hole now…

      Freddy Kruger
  2. eyes4u

    I find rodents like her much more interesting alive than dead, but to each her own.

    • so truethey are fun to stalk and fallow
      but hey we all need to have blood at some point am i right or am i right.

      Jeff the killer
  3. I wonder where that couple went, they just left her there… great citizens.

    • Trust NO ONE!

      • hahaha:) your smart person wink:) to trust no one:)

    • Damn Right San, Nobody Can Be Trusted These Days, I Would Say Trust Me But That Would Be A Lie

      Lucid Lime
  4. Faulty camera work. I wanted to see the plunge her head……

  5. Mummy Dearest

    It always warms my heart seeing a disobedient child disciplined.

    Mummy Dearest
    • wtf

      Terrance Peterson
    • mummy dearest a girl got murdered. it’s not discipline. murder. murder is not discipline. it’s a crime. she got murdered for no reason. ur comment was unwise

    • Um K Den..

      Lucid Lime
    • Yea like that babysitter you ugly old hag i saw your video that guy got hit by a bus right for being so fucking retarded and following someone i hope you burn in hell and that time might come very soon just dont have a nightmare

      • he didnt actually die did he? he had a spasm right before the video ended…

    • like you killed your own? well as far as we know….

  6. Seems like the type who enjoys quantity over quality.

  7. 1 of many, I hope… I’m rather enjoying watching… 😉

    • Me2

      1 of many I can assure you. As long as there is a captive audience I will always contribute to the Darknet.

      • Can’t wait to see what you come up with next…

      • Put up another video

  8. the messy kills, just gettin warmed up I see…. 😉 lovely swing you got there dear :)

    • hey have you ever been to the devils gate dam?

  9. She’s hot, mind if i ask where the body is at this moment…

    • So is this real or what cuz idek

    • if you like that wait until you come to the devils gate dam then you will see how just sexy hot my body is! Hahah:)

  10. Damn it, she was kinda cute. Oh well, I hope someone saved the body. Perhaps that cannibal nurse from one of the other streams? Hot.

    Queen of Hell
  11. A great piece of work. Not really much of a show though…. Next time make it splendid and wonderful. Something everyone can see and maybe participate in????

  12. Need more videos and photos uploaded anybody going to add anything else soon

    • Curious Red

      So much more to see and do, stay tuned to this site…..

      Curious Red
      • He’s like a phantom, there one moment and gone the next… One day he’s going to choose the wrong prey……

        Grim the Reaper
      • curious and busy could be a very interesting combination…

      • When is ur next kill?

      • Oh Red, such a tease… But you know I love your work!

      • I enjoyed seeing what happened to that man after he tried smothering his wife. Perhaps we could share a meal sometime?

      • It’s been quite some time. Anything further to contribute, or will the site slip into obscurity?

  13. KuddleKatKillah

    Me2, private message me. I need to know how you got access to the security cams. I’d love to see my own handiwork on the Darknet for all to see one day also.

    • u do know this is probably fake?

      • This is fiction. Read the Terms of Use.

        • Look at the profile icon, he’s a character

  14. i like this

  15. She was sexy as hell. A shame she had to die. But I did enjoy it thoroughly

    • that’s cruel

  16. Lame … Should of made her a puppet

  17. This site/show is awesome

  18. Such a beautiful kill just wish the cameras were less faulty so we could really see what happens.

  19. Too casual of a kill. I want to see something more entertaining.

    Flavored Ink
    • I totally agree

  20. I agree with Flavored Ink. This is not messy enough.

  21. She looks like the same girl who has the split personality.. The hooded killer girl.

    • You’re totally right! It would fit her MO

  22. Very daring, well done. I love the classic execution.

    frozen but warm
  23. guy with the rat killer profile, I’m new to this. is this real murder

  24. In the darkness I come…..
    In the darkness I find you…..
    In the darkness you serve me…..
    In the darkness I will use you….
    In the darkness I will leave you cold and alone……
    In the darkness I could not find the bathroom light so I did my thing in the darkness………

  25. whatever, just don’t piss on me

  26. Nicely done, not my style but simple. I like to be a little more artistic with my work

  27. #Rekt

    • Good kill, decent technique, most definitely a #rekt

  28. Damn that girl was hott

    Mz. Killz21
  29. eisaste treloi kai prepei na sas kleisoune mesa

  30. *Thumbs up*

    Crimson Death
    • Nope..

      • I’m after you kawaiidemon…

        Crimson Death
  31. Hahahahaha

    • i live in the devils gate dam for all of my witch rijal since i was 13 and now that i am 16 year old and i use voodoo dolls to cotrol anyperse that i wishing too!

      • alguien habla español

  32. Who has dumps

  33. dont mess with the spirits wolrd if you or any person dont believe me then i dare them to spent one night in the devils gate dam that is they can stay that long or even live through it when night falls hahahahaha:) just look up devils gate dam on google & you will see that i am not lying about the devils gate dam that place is curse too!

  34. hey! Have you ever been to the devil gate dam?

  35. wow! Mr tough guy huh! I dare you to go to spent one night in the devils gate dam then see how tough you really are hahaha:)

  36. How the hell did you manage to clear the witnesses? And none of them saw you with the axe? Not exactly subtle- save that for the woods, where it belongs! Next time pack something a little more discreet…

  37. This is taken from a TV show called “Darknet”.

    At least come up with something creative…