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  1. Perhaps more then a treat. We should treat him to a scalpel, it has been a long time since I’ve seen a good scalpel fight.
    Maybe he’ll even be good at it? Can you imagine, finding out your pet is a good contestant of “Whose the better killer?” And he still wouldn’t understand, if you play your cards right you may have a guard rat to watch those eyes of yours.

    • how do u hide a dead body?

      • Eat it. DUUUHHHHHH!!!!

        Crazy Bitch
        • And I thought Thanksgivings leftovers were bad.

          Clockwork Cupcake
          • mtn

            kres mas
          • Why won’t it let me watch the vids dose anyone know I watch the show is this shit real?

        • Hello I am new in something that can help me

          • why dont u help me in accesing vid

          • What the fuck is up with this sight are we waiting for an usher or what? Hello Video please.

          • how do you use this site

          • how do I look up videos

          • whta it this???

      • You put ti in the freezer, or the refrigerator of course.

        • You can’t someone will eventually find it!

          • I sthing is FAKE!!!I’sorry …i’m using “Google translate”

            But still I think that the video is “FAKE”!!!!

        • ej
          kann jemand deutsch

          • ja ich

      • 2 car tires as shovel and some old pallets and a gallon of gas and a rural spot with no burn restrictions just dig a 6 inch hole the length and width of the Bodie place the tires on top with one tire over the upper torso and one over the lower torso place pallets on top of the tires soak in gas and ignite takes about a hour but there’s nothing left but ash

      • chop it up and feed it to dogs

        • H

      • Hmmm… this may be a tough one to think of an idea… I’ll see what I can think of…

    • if any person at all who dont believe in ghost are real then i dare them all to stent one night in devils gate dam that is they even stay that long or even live through the deadly curse they say that once your touch by the devils gate dam the deadly curse will stay & remean stuck to that deadly curse for the rest of thier life until they die then the devils gate dam will take thier poor souls to hell forever!

    • thats all true story too! About the deviks gate dam too!

    • Hello I am new in something that can help me

    • I just made an account y can’t I watch videos?

      • how do you get into videos

    • can anyone tell me how to get into the deep web

    • I’m new here wtf is this site about?

    • hooooooo cut in pieces

      bloody devil
    • omg :O

    • who cares

    • Maybe..your should let him do his dreams or bring in someone and leave them in a room with the pet a.k.a poptart

  2. Eyes, I doubt you have ever communicated with your RATs before, but aren’t you risking your identity doing so?

  3. From the darkness he emerges ready to strike but first a small token to confuse the prey and set the trail for a long chase.

  4. I love a good chase but withholding the number that Jane_Mary_Cry_One_Tear found is rude the rest of us would like to see this number as well as know why the third link does not work that just not right but yet i’m intrigued i hope this gets better.

  5. reminds me of lab rats, put in mazes to find a treat, punished with electric shocks when they reach a dead end… I wonder what is in store for this little creature, a treat or a shock?

    frozen but warm
  6. Can I have the number? It’s best we call rather than you because you wouldn’t want to get caught, right? We’ll act as the buffer. Let us be the grunts.

    • 6474963275 is the number! Hope I do okay! 😉

      • Piece of cake!

      • What are you suppost to do with it?

      • The number is fake don’t bother calling it dear, I hope the RATS are doing well in their investigation maybe they won’t be killed off but only time will tell.

      • iam confused as iam new in this would like to access vid

  7. Did he say he had sixteen bodies… That is way higher than the Amount of bodies I have at one time


      Crazy Bitch
  8. Speaking of which I have seven bodies with me… I don’t know what I should do with them as of now

    • Well this is a simple enough question. I recommend you slice up the bodies (Obviously covering any nearby furniture and flooring with plastic sheets as to not stain them) VERY thinly, almost paper thin, and flushing them down various drains. This will take a long while so make sure you know no one will bother you throughout the procedure and cancel any plans. After you are done I highly suggest you pour drain cleaners and bleach into every area used to dispose of the body that can be linked back to you.

      Hope this helped 😉

      • Thank you, I didn’t know what I should have done, it really did help.

        • Anytime. Though if you get in my way remember I am the one who thought of this method and I can think of many more.

    • I highly doubt you have any dead bodies with you. You probably have an ex bf tied up debating on if you should kill him or not, knowing you don’t have any guts to seriously kill anyone (:

      Crazy Bitch
    • I would suggest a mobile incinerator. Normally used to dispose of dead pets and livestock, a used unit can be acquired at an affordable price – and if you make the purchase at a farm auction in cash there’ll be no records to trace it back to you. Takes a full night to reduce an adult human to ash, but when you’re done not even bones or teeth will be left.

      Clockwork Cupcake
  9. He said, “I can hide five bodies in a large locker and two bodies in a small locker. I have sixteen bodies and prefer to use large lockers when I can. How many lockers will I need?”

    Natural Born Killer
    • He will need 4 or more as this person is clearly out of control, and there will be more bodies to come.

  10. nasty

  11. The number is not in service? Shame shame.

  12. that would be 4 lockers right?

  13. the answer was 5 lockers . on the call i got up to seven bodies in a room you take 2 away how many do you have left ? you would think 5 right ? can any one help me ?

    • Let’s be real, you still have 7 bodies. Just because 2 of them aren’t in the room anymore doesn’t mean they don’t cease to exist.

      Simply Existing
  14. So the RATS want to hide well then I guess playing the game is only temporary lets see who loses first shall we?

  15. I need help, I killed my Ex Boyfriend and mailed him to different countries but I’m afraid the police are tracking me down, what do I do to get away?

    Crazy Bitch
    • Are you using a computer or a cell phone to access this site? Not that it matters, you should drop your cell phone and not access a computer. Go off the grid, completely. In fact, not that it matters, if you’re reading this they’ll probably have you soon enough anyhow. Run!

      Crow Wings
  16. Life lesson: there’s a time and place for everything.don’t get caught up in my life,you just might end up in the ground.

    • My best friend found out how I became an orphan and I was forced to take care of him. no one can know what I did.

  17. Dumpster. Typical

  18. First invest in a good freezer. Make sure you have plenty of heavy duty plastic tarps, tape, rope etc. Don’t forget the paint cans. Layer your freezer with the tarps, floor and walls. Have the person you’re going to murder come over and help you paint and set up your new freezer. Explain that you plugged it in and forgot to take the plastic out first, as they are leaning over, drive an icepick or your weapon of choice into the back of the head, just below the hair line. If their still kicking use a large mallet or whatever. pick up the legs and dump into the freezer. Make sure to clean up any blood traces. After the body is completely froze, get out our electric saw or buy one like they use in a meat market ( same thing), and cut it in as many small pieces as you can. Wrap up well and put it back into your freezer. when all is done, you can take a few packages with you and dump at your leisure. Make sure you don’t dump them too close to home, after all, you should never shit in your own back yard. Make sure to remove all teeth, finger prints, toe prints, as well as, ears. Ears are just as identifiable as finger prints, they use this technology in the U.K. Also make sure you remove the whole scalp, don’t want those little hair bulbs giving away who you just murdered.
    Remember to be as cool and relaxed as possible, this will take you a long way. There are people out there who have been murdering for years and never get caught, because they are smart, cool, level headed, and not in a rush to get caught. You get caught, when you are out of control. Good luck fellow murderers, and let me know how it goes. He he he (Evil Laugh). Peace out….

  19. You’re all making it waay to complicated…wood chipper and a hog pen. Afterwards, use ammonia to clean the chipper so as to destroy dna trace.

  20. Is this real

  21. the guy in this video is really hot, anyone have any idea who he is?

    • it says private but i made an account. why can’t I watch it?

  22. chemicals… strong, heavy, powerful flesh eating chemicals. simple as that.

  23. how come i cant see any videos

    • yeah i know. it says private ughhh.

  24. That rat types FAST… like, no delay between keystrokes. None whatsoever. Not even the slightest bit of hesitation or correction. Amazingly undisturbed by seeing his computer in tech support mode.

    • it says private but i made an account. why can’t I watch it?

  25. Anyone got the answer. I got the Letters just not the order I need help.

    Midnight Muse
  26. this is so obviously fake. Where do you find this shit? ^^

  27. Thanks ever so much, Darknetfiles, for letting me know this was a fictional piece! Here I am thinking I stumbeld upon a frickin’ murder, and somehow up to me to solve. Damn, here I am freaking out as much as Rat on the phone with his Girlfriend, who is in the other room.

    Anyways, there are several parts of the script that were missing, and led me to notice the fiction of the story. So it appears this couple is too afraid to go to the police, call the hotline, or for whatever reason, she may feel ashamed of the whole situation (hence the ripped up Dr. Bulgarian’s calling card).

    Much as I would like to type a full bogus.. I mean, modus operandi of this twisted narrative, I have to get some sleep.. this case has been keeping me up way too long. So, here are my cliff notes. I hope they are adequate enough until I have time to file a full investigative report. Or forensics call back. Or whatever.

    Girlfriend is at work. She checks her email to see if her boyfriend Rat emailed her. Awww, bummer. But what’s this, I won something? ..*click* *click* *click*.. I won a round trip to New York for a 3 night stay, and some cash and stuff. Coolness! ..*click* *click* *click*.. Oh, it’s a breast enhancement website. I’ve always thought about getting a boob job.

    She goes home, tells Rat that she won a trip, and she won it through a (bogus) Dr. Bulgarian website. The $450 dollars she gets will more than cover for this cheap boob job, too, so we don’t have to worry about anything.. like, scams and shit. (duh)

    Dr Bulgarian, a sick and twisted psychopath, knowing the only one at that time of night working at the clinic, walks in the hospital, murders ‘Harvey’, puts him in a room (location or condition of body not specified, but newspaper article says co-workers ‘identified’ him, so, ruling out a Walt and Jesse style disposal)

    Dr Bulgarian then enters another room, puts a doctors gown over his ‘street clothes’ and waits for Kim to show on time for appointment. Dr B greets Kim and she enters the surgery room. Not sure about the role of the other lady, the anesthesia lady. Accomplice apparently, or Dr B’s just as mentally disturbed wife.

    Dr B’s ‘assistant’ administers anesthesia, and Kim starts getting drowsy. Dr B pulls skull mask from inner pocket and puts it on, while his accomplice video tapes the crime. Dr B seems to do his best in inserting breast implants after the crime is videotaped, most likely by his ‘accomplice’.

    The video WE are seeing is NOT the camcorder video, it is the cct of the security company that Rat works at. He and his kung-fu computer hack skillz, witnesses this is happening. He chooses not to just upload the whole tape on the internet.. disturbing on many levels at this point. I leave the details to the readers imagination. This isn’t fifty shades of grey, this is homicide and rape.

    Ok, so, where was I. Oh, so she is done w/ her boob job, Dr B says “everything went great, etc etc etc. Here’s your NYC ticket, and my card. Please call with any questions you may have. (Like if you start feeling a burning sensation nowhere near where your boobs are. These types of things.)

    Girlfriend goes home, and starts crying to Rat. “What’s wrong”, says Rat. “I think I was raped or something. I don’t want to call the police, I’m scared, etc etc etc.”

    So Rat decides to contact any help he can without exposing himself. He makes teaser/hint videos, a game you need to play to obtain the research file, and so on. He talks to a buddy about this, and he comes over and drops a pretty damn dramatic hint, running out of the bedroom with a skull mask and ‘acts’ what happened in a frightening sort of way, if obvious. (kids, that’s not the skull killer, that’s his friend).

    Notes on Research Paper:

    page 1 – Girlfriend semi-awakens from the anesthesia, and ‘envisions’ a guy in a skull mask, assumingly doing his thing.

    Page 2-3 – Skull mask must not be big and gawdy, it must be small and sleek enough to fit into pocket, as well as black thin throwover pants.

    Page 4 – Dr B deletes website. Not rocket science.

    Page 5 – Rat calls the NY Firth Hotel. Nothing about a reservation, no knowledge of contest or Dr. B. (p.s. phone books don’t typically misprint phone numbers. Or is Rat so paranoid that he needs to Photoshop all his evidence)?

    Page 6 – Dr B’s bogus card he handed her on the way out.

    Page 7 – Skull Mask Dr. B slips out of hospital clinic wearing mask. Accomplice whereabouts unknown. Homeless man witnesses man in skull mask walk through alley. Dr B runs to his car, takes mask and black overclothing off, wearing civilian clothing underneath. Shoves them under seat.

    Page 8 – Rat posts pic of ‘Silence Hurts’ hotline in dossier. Maybe someone will call to ask about ‘Harvey’ (Harvey is in quotes in article. Meaning law enforcement might be using an alias for the press.

    (in reality, there is no toronto memorial crisis center, and the number on the ‘Silence Hurts’ is a fake number also. Rat should probably not have photoshopped the ‘silence’ flyer if he had any intentions of reaching out for anybody to actually call and help with the case. “Toronto New York Memorial Crisis Center” comes up in search as a NY State Domestic and Sexual Violence Hotline. But Toronto isn’t in New York. I digress.)

    – Skull mask man is Dr. Bagorian?

    Skull man is indeed Dr Bagorian

    – Skull man works for the doctor? Why the costume?

    Dr Bogusorian killed ‘Harvey’, the only one working at the hospital at the time. Costume for two purposes. Kind of obvious what two by now.

    – Are there other victims?

    There never were any victims. But for imaginations sake, umm.. your guess is as good as mine.

    The only ones who can really do anything as far as tips or leads, are Rat, Girlfriend, and/or his friend.

    On a side note, my advice to Rat would be to stop investigating. You’ve hit a wall probably well past the 48 hours that could have been spent better not worrying and calling the damn police, idiot.

    p.s. *spoiler alert* —> this case is not about drug smuggling.. even worse, imho. And here’s a friendly tip; I once saw a movie about an imaginary rabbit named Harvey.. I recommend against calling local insane asylums asking if they see ‘Harvey’, and I also wouldn’t talk to Harvey, either. Harvey’s imaginary, as is this narriative.

    Thanks for this, Jeremy. It made my day.

    – GorenMonk

  28. I killed my child what should I do the police r on to me

    • U find a hidout

  29. iam not able to access vid why what should i do

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  31. I want to see what these videos are, says I cannot access them, I would appreciate being told how to watch the videos the suspense is killing me…

  32. Why can i not watch a single video admin????

    Anubhab Saha
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    The ending was AMAZING!

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